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Animated Letter Cards are
Simply Revolutionary!

Animated Letter Cards are producing amazing results.
If your student is having handwriting problems please try this now.

It was Harry Potter, the popular fantasy wizard that gave me the idea.
Pictures that moved!

Could I make letterform models that moved?

It may be a while before the wall cards in classrooms move. But you can have moving images for handwriting instruction now. Letter strokes appear as if written by an invisible hand. Your child learns how to build letters by writing in the air with the animation on the screen. Project the animation from your your computer screen for air writing with the whole class.

Animated Letter Cards
CD Rom
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Click on a link to try a few samples.

Vertical Print| Slant Print | Cursive

The CD contains all three styles, letters and numerals.

Animated Letter Cards are convenient
on your Mobile Tablet or Smart Phone!

This web app brings the animated letter cards to your tablet device. Because it is a web-based app, you need not download a big file to your machine. It runs great on iPad and should also work on any of the alternative tablets that allow web access.

The app offers more than the Animated Letter Cards, although that tool should be more than enough reason take your tablet for a spin.

Use the animations to let the student learn how to build a letter and move with the voice, then pop over to paper to practice moving the pencil with voice to build the letter. You could also use any one of many available apps that allow writing on the screen. The secret lies in learning how to make the movements in time to the voice.

Click here for video demonstrations and more information.

Search Google Play for "PetersonHandwriting" and the Apple store for, "Peterson Handwriting."

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