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The Self-Adhesive Position Guide

This tool was created in response to our extensive research which involved thousands of digital handwriting samples collected from adults and students at all grade levels. Along with pressure and movement measures, the digitizer recorded pen angles which relate to arm or wrist and finger movement. The measures revealed an ergonomic relationship that is critical for fluent application of handwritng movements.

The position of the paper relative to the writing arm, wrist and hand is critical for control of fluent, legible handwriting. The pupil who does not learn to position the paper and writing arm correctly, must constantly fight to accomplish left-to-right movement in the space they are using. Less than optimal writing hand position, relative to the paper alignment, blocks or retards movement in the proper direction. The position guide provides constant guidance for correct paper placement and it also makes it easy for you to spot pupils who need a reminder during applied work.

slant cursive
Vertical Print
Two Guides per Sheet
Slant Print
Two Guides per Sheet
Two Guides per Sheet
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Cursive Guide placed
for right-hander
Cursive Guide placed
for left-hander

The guide improves on the popular "alphabet desk strip" concept. It provides letter models on the desk, and it presents those letters in writing position. Learning to read the letters while they are in writing position is an important perceptual goal leading to acceptance of position skills instruction. If you have not taken advantage of the How To Videos about pencil holding and paper holding, please invest the time to view them. We believe you will find the information very helpful.

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With Vertical Print
With Slant Print
With Cursive

The triangular shape mounts on the desk to provide a paper position guide and a color/rhythm alphabet in writing position. The first goal is to get the paper high enough on the desk to allow the writing arm and hand to be under the image area. The second goal is to rotate the page so that the lateral movement of the arm will travel along the lines on the paper.

The guide serves students using the right hand or the left hand for writing. The Position Guide is currently available with vertical print, slanted print and cursive alphabet styles in color/rhythm. The images above show each style and also the placement for left-handed sidestroke process. If you are coaching a left-hander, please watch the video presentation to understand what the student needs to learn. You will find a link to, "Coaching A Left-Hander" on the How To Videos page.



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