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Choose A Stylus For Your Tablet or Smart Phone
Using a stylus for writing or navigating on your tablet device or smart phone is very helpful. Now there is a stylus that will help your little one practice and learn skills for holding a pencil.

Meet The Ergo Stylus
A built-in gripper aids positioning of fingers while coloring, writing or drawing on your tablet. If your little one likes to use your tablet, this stylus could make the play instructional by promoting good pencil hold position skills.

Child with Ergo Stylus



Pens and Pencils

The Heavy Weights
These new tools are ergonomically designed and balanced to help those who have hand health issues. The Heavy Weight weighs 4.2 OZ. That does not seem like much until you pick it up. The weight of the tool helps reduce the impact of tremors or helps to build hand strength.

Heavyweight PenThe Heavy Weight Pen uses a standard Schmidt Parker refill widely available in office supply stores. The pen comes with black ink and is retractable as the image suggests. The unit sells for $25.00.

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Heavy Weight PencilThe Heavy Weight Pencil comes with nine 2.0 mm lead refills. Like the pen, it weighs 4.2 oz. The unit sells for $25.00.

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The "Finger Fitter"


A new and improved thick triangular pencil with and without eraser!

The three sides created by a triangular shape provide wider surfaces for pointer finger, thumb and middle finger. The finger surfaces are also presented at better angles for hand structure. The result is better feel and therefore more relaxation. If your student is pinching and squeezing with multiple finger involvement, select this thicker pencil. A thicker barrel separates the small muscles and allows better gross involvement. It means that the child is able to use the muscle groups that we want to train for fluent writing later on.

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Try-Rex - A triangular version of the standard pencil.


TryRex B46T - Standard size #2 Lead.

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Something Special For The Teacher
Swirl Correction Pens - two points, two colors

Swirl Correction Pens

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ResQThe Ezgrip ResQ Pen from Dexterity Technologies

Designed specifically to help those who have gripping problems, the Ezgrip ResQ Pen creates additional tip pressure without the need to apply pressure by pinching and pushing down. If carpal tunnel or arthritis makes writing painful this pen will help.

Gel ink flows smoothly. Standard Parker style refills are available at virtually all office supply stores. Many of the retailers have thier own brand of the same refill so there are lots of choices.

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