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Pencil Grippers for Teaching and Therapy -

9 varieties are available for your convenience...

EZ Grip
The Bumpy Grip
The Pencil Grip
The Pencil Grip Jumbo

Triangle: Regular Triangle | Jumbo Triangle
Solo Grip
The Crossover Grip
Try Eight Pack

Many children develop claw-like and/or tight, cramped gripping habits during early experimentation. In the beginning, lagging pencil-holding skills don't seem to cause much trouble. But, poor pencil gripping skill can actually prevent the training and use of the best group of muscles by blocking gross-motor involvement and fluent movement. The development of relaxed fluency is desirable for many more reasons than most people realize. The movement training of directed handwriting lessons, allows the brain to record dynamic information which affects fluency of reading and composition later on. It is a shame to see a bright child miss the benefit of good movement training because he or she resists the learning of good pencil-holding skills.

Pencil grippers can be helpful reminders but they seldom teach on their own. A new grip position will always feel strange. It usually opens the process for participation by different muscle groups. Children may resist using the gripper because of the new grip it stimulates. You will have to explain the goals for good position and motivate children to use the aid correctly - until they get used to the way it feels and develop some control with the new position and muscle groups.

pinchitisEZ Grip Pen and Tool Gripper

(It works on cutting tools and brushes too!)

The ergonomic design is aimed at reduction of grip pressure for people suffering from carpal tunnel and arthritis.

For training children, the shape promotes better thumb position for both right and left-handed writers which improves involvement from the pointer finger without pinching and distention of the distal joint.

ezgripUse it this way, hook to the side for the thumb, to combat "Pinchitis."



adagripPointer on the hook, as pictured above, enhances pressure without pinching and pushing down on the pencil. This way it helps arthritis and carpal tunnel by reducing the need for writing pressure.

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EZ GripFits Regular Pencils, Pens, Brushes, and Hobby Knives.
Pack of 3 #192001 $2.70
Pack of 25 #192002 $22.95

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The Bumpy Grip

This soft-feel, triangular gripper is pliable enough to use on regular pencils or on our thick triangular pencils.

Pack of 5 Bumpy Grips #12072p5 $8.95
Pack of 25 Bumpy Grips #12072p25 $44.50
Pack of 100 Bumpy Grips #12072p100 $170.00

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The Pencil Grip

This ergonomic shape is recommended by many OT's for people suffering from writer's cramp, arthritis, etc., and for children who persist with the various claw-like grip habits developed during early experimentation. If the pupil shows thumb-tucking or thumb-wrapping this device can help. The soft plastic shape supports the first knuckle of the pointer, promotes a good thumb position (particularly for a right-hander) and encourages the use of large muscles instead of "finger-writing."

The new JUMBO version offers improved help for adults. The same basic shape in a larger size fits adult hands better. Therapists working with adult clients may want to have a few of these available. Some children may benefit also. If the child continues to wrap the thumb with a regular TPG, this jumbo version might stimulate a more relaxed grip posture.

thumb tucking thumb wrapping
Thumb Tucking Thumb Wrapping
regular grip
The Pencil Grip
jumbo grip
The Pencil Grip Jumbo
Note the difference in size in the same adult hand.

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The Pencil Grip, both regular and JUMBO, fit regular pencils and pens
Pack of 5 The Pencil Grip, Regular #172002-5 $ 8.25
Pack of 25 The Pencil Grip, Regular #172002 $ 37.95

Pack of 5 The Pencil Grip, JUMBO #172005-5 $ 14.95
Pack of 25 The Pencil Grip, JUMBO #172005 $ 89.45

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Stetro Gripper

stetroThis gumball-with-dents shape is OK for right-handers but tends to promote a thumb-forward position when applied for a left-handed writer. The thumb should be positioned as a fulcrum - a little farther away from the point than the pointer finger tip. If you can get your left-handed pupil to place the thumb on the pencil, behind the gripper, it allows better use of the correct muscles. Please consider the new Solo Grip which offers better position help for left-handers as well as right-handers.

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For Regular Pencils And Pens
Pack of 5 Stetro Grips #182010-5 $3.00
Pack of 25 Stetro Grips #182010 $10.25
Pack of 100 Stetro Grips #182012 $35.95

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The Solo Grip


The Solo Grip is a bit like the Stetro. It feels like the same type of plastic and the shape offers "dents" for finger placement. However, the "dents" shown above are a big improvement. It works for a "righty" and worlds better for a "lefty" because it promotes a much improved thumb position - a weakness for the Stetro.

solo close

The grip is marked with an "R" and and "L" shown in the close-up at the left. A righty places pointer on the "L" and thumb on the "R." A Lefty places pointer on the "R" and thumb on the "L." The side you don't see in the close-up is curved to fit the side of the middle finger for either student.


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Package of 5 Solo Grips # 192171-5 $ 3.25
Package of 25 Solo Grips # 192171 $ 14.95
Package of 100 Solo Grips # 192170 $ 59.00

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Triangle Grippertriangle

The triangle shape helps to promote the tripod grip. It "fits" for left-handed and right-handed kids. If a pupil still tries to wrap the thumb or other fingers, you should provide a "fatter" pencil and the jumbo triangle shown below.

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For Regular Pencils
Pack of 5 Regular Triangle Grip #182017-5 $2.25
Pack of 25 Regular Triangle Grip #182017 $8.85
Pack of 100 Regular Triangle Grip #182019 $31.00

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Triangle Gripper, Jumbo
triangle jumbo

This jumbo triangle fits the Lincoln-log-sized round pencils. Preschool experimentation often presents us with some rather bizarre gripping habits. They can actually block the use of correct muscles and usually cause writer's cramp problems when writing demands increase.

Despite some opinions to the contrary, we know that the majority of youngsters exhibiting "claw" and "thumb-avoidance" habits, do respond positively when a thicker device is provided - it is simple ergonomics, when the small muscles are opened relaxation results.

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For Jumbo Round Pencils
Pack of 5 Jumbo Triangle Grip #102007-5 $3.00
Pack of 25 Jumbo Triangle Grip #102007 $10.25
Pack of 100 Jumbo Triangle Grip #102009 $35.95

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The Crossover Grip!

The Crosover Grip provides a thick body like The Pencil Grip with "wings" that keep the pointer and thumb tucked securly in the right place. It is pliable enough to use on any of our pencils - from the B21 thick triangular to regular non-triangular varieties. You will have to help a little one adjust the grip when used on a thick pencil - a big advantage. If they are forever playing with the gripper or sliding out of the way when you're not looking, this will solve the problem. It addresses the issue of extra fingers on top of the pencil which has such a negative effect on wrist position and paper holding. The wings help to improve the feeling of control which makes the tripod grip we seek feel so much better to those little fingers.

We feel it so effective that we have included it in the popular Try Eight Pack immediately. If the Finger Fitter Triangular pencil is not enough to allow a relaxed correct grip, this new tool seems to offer additional help.



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The pack descriptions below are linked directly to the product in our web store.

Pack of 5 Crossover Grip #173305 $8.95
Pack of 25 Crossover Grip #173325 $44.50
Pack of 100 Crossover Grip #173300 $170.00

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Try Eight Pack

What better way to find out which will work best?

We now include one of each gripper shown above in this pack.
One Stetro, One EZ Grip, One The Pencil Grip, One The Pencil Grip Jumbo, One Solo Grip, One Regular Triangle, One Crossover

Note: The triangular jumbo for thick round pencils is no longer included in this package.

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Pack of eight pencil grippers # 152008 $10.99

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