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New E-workbooks Are Available For Review

E-Book Teacher Handbook serves all cursive levels!

"Yes, You Can Teach Cursive" was developed to allow easy access for parents and teachers anywhere in the world. Purchase through our web store and download to your machine.

The movement-based sequence of lesson plans guides learning for students at any age with the unique Peterson strategy used successfully by teachers and parents since 1908. The lessons can be used to improve skills and fluency for students who have had some cursive experience, or to introduce written language with the cursive alphabet at the entry level.

Samples have been created to allow you to learn the strategy and try the teaching process with your students. The sample documents available for download below, are partial copies of the new cursive teacher handbook and the e-workbooks. Additional samples will be added as they are created.

Yes, You Can Teach Cursive Sample: Click Here
Cursive Step One E-workbook Sample: Click Here
Cursive Step Three E-workbook Sample: Click Here
Cursive Step Four E-workbook Sample: Click Here

Print-Your-Own Handwriting Workbooks

Have you noticed that most students need more practice than the handwriting workbook page affords? Are your students trying to use workbooks without being able to write in them? Are you making copies of workbook pages because the children have difficulty writing in the bound workbook? Are you making copies of workbook pages because you have only one copy of the book? Does your budget prevent you from purchasing a handwriting workbook for each child? Are handwriting lessons delayed or skipped because teachers must create practice materials for the children to use?

Welcome To A New And Better Concept

Peterson has changed the rules of engagement to your advantage. We created electronic workbooks so you can print the pages as needed, and as often as needed, right from your computer using the free Acrobat Reader program. You simply purchase the book (with a license to print) and use it as often as needed to teach and provide practice. Like the Peterson movement-based method, the concept is unique. Revolutionary is probably a much better word. The costly handwriting practice workbook is now obsolete.

The links below will open a review version for examination. Please page through each workbook to assess all of the pages. Look closely. These pages offer some new, research-based features that are not available from other sources, particularly the advanced cursive level. You will not, of course, be able to print pages from the review versions. We do need sales to stay in business. However, this concept is intended to make good handwriting instruction extremely affordable.

A parent or teacher can purchase a copy with an individual license. A building license allows all teachers in the school building to use the book as needed. You may provide each teacher with a copy of the file or make it available on your server. A building license costs $39.95. Yes, that means that handwriting workbooks for your classrooms will cost less than $40 per level. There is a cost to print the pages, of course. But, it is probably true that you have been paying that cost every year since the copier was invented. Incidentally, the license fee is a one-time charge. You won't have to pay again next year. However, we are planning to offer improved versions and hope you will take advantage of the miniscule cost to keep teachers current as the technology improves.

Teach Handwriting With Technology

Can you project your computer screen? Teach handwriting on a Smart Board. Write on the page image as you lead the children through the lesson. It just got a lot easier to plan and teach handwriting lessons. Do you have an iPad or Android tablet? Tablet apps like "PDF Pro" offer you the ability to open the PDF Lesson Book, and use the tablet to practice by writing on the pages of the e-workbook.

E-workbook Review Links

You must have Acrobat Reader version 7 or later to open the review copies linked below. You will not be able to print from these review copies. You will be able to print the pages from the e-workbooks you purchase using Preview or Acrobat Reader.

E-Workbook For Preschool/Kindergarten Readiness Teaches Directionality Concepts and Position Skills

Lesson plans found in our Preschool/Kindergarten Teacher Handbook guide the use of these pages to build understanding and physical skills.

Click here to REVIEW the readiness activity pages.

New! Touch-Screen Practice E-books

Slant Print Tablet Practice Pages

Slant is the natural result of good position skills and fluent production. Fluency and improved control result from practice and your tablet device offers an engagement factor that can't be denied. This PDF e-book contains pages sized for the screen of your iPad, Galaxy Tab or Microsoft Surface Pro. The pages are sequenced alphabetically to make it easy to correlate with the sequence of your reading/phonics program.
Click Here To Review the e-book page-by-page.

Cursive Lowercase Tablet Practice Pages

This PDF e-book contains pages designed specifically to fit the touch screens on iPad, Galaxy Tabets and your Microsoft Surface Pro. The sequence of instruction/practice correlates with the lesson plan sequence in "We Write To Read" teacher handbooks and the digital manual, "Yes You Can Teach Cursive."
Click Here To Review the e-book page-by-page.

E-Workbooks For Print Writing

  • Print_Step_1 (Kindergarten 65 pages) Click Here

  • Print_Step_2 (Grade One 55 pages) Click Here

  • Print_ Step_3 (Grade 2 Printing Fluently, 31 pages) Click Here

Print Step One is focused entirely on developing gross motor patterns for each of the numerals and letters. Pages are alphabetically arranged to make it easier to correlate this movement instruction into your reading readiness program. When the child internalizes the correct movement pattern he or she will no longer need to look at a model to remember how a letter is made. Can your pupils write the alphabet from memory in one minute? Internal patterns will enable this level of skill and enhance the learning of words.

Print Step 2 pages are arranged in a sequence based upon related movements. The production process for each form will be reviewed with an emphasis on fluent movement. These pages are designed for separate exercise lessons aimed at handwriting skill development. They roughly follow the lesson sequence detailed in the grade one teacher handbook. As letter patterns are established pages provide opportunity for application in simple words.

Print Step 3 is all about fluency and mastery of position skills which will naturally result in forward slant. The sequence reviews all letters in families and pages provide ample opportunity for developing word patterns using count as a grammar of action. All models are slant print.


E-Workbooks For Cursive Writing

  • Cursive_Step_1 (Kindergarten Cursive 80 pages) Click Here

This book is designed for those who wish to introduce written language using the cursive alphabet. It provides two types of pages in two sections. LEARN PAGES are designed to be printed for use in finger-tracing activities so the child can learn how to hold the paper, where to start, which way to go and how to move to create each letter. On screen they provide large models for gross-motor, patterning by writing in the air. Our exclusive Color/Rhythm movement models enhance internalization of smooth movement patterns. These same models are animated in our Mobile tablet app and on our Animated Letter Cards CD for your computer.

PRACTICE PAGES can be printed for use with a pencil or opened in Acrobat Reader or Apple Preview for display with an interactive white board or projector to lead a practice lesson.

  • Cursive_Step 2 (Grade One or Two, 59 pages) Click Here

  • Cursive_Step_3 (Grade 3, size reduction, 55 pages) Click Here

  • Cursive_Step_4 (Adult Proportion, 64 pages) Click Here

Cursive And Phonics Correlation
Cursive is really all about joining the letters for words. This e-book provides a long list of Cursive Models For Short-Vowel Words. The models are designed to exaggerate the rhythm pattern of the joining process. Teach the student how to fingertrace the model while spelling or counting to learn the rhythmic movement pattern, then move to chalkboard or paper to practice writing the target word. Click here to look through the book page-by-page.

Shirley's Book 4 is a collection of black-line worksheets for beginning cursive. Forty pages provide a cursive model of a four-line poem with lines and spaces below for student application practice at gross motor size. This book was available as a hard-copy reproducible book until recently. It is now out of print, so we decided to make it available as an E-workbook. Click Here

Give The Gift Of Cursive To Intermediate Students.
Cursive High-Frequency Word Practice Improves Fluency

  • To review Word Masters for Grade Three (Gross Motor Cursive Practice) (63 pages) Click Here

  • To review Word Masters for Grades 4 and beyond (adult size and proportion) (74 pages) Click Here

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