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Desk Strips

Alphabet Desk Strips
Self Adhesive desk strips are packaged in sets of 32 strips and feature our Color/Rhythm Alphabet.

Please Note: This product is being replaced.
Extensive research into the impact of positions skills reveals that paper-holding skills are extremely important for fluent handwriting. Our unique Position Guide provides the Color/Rhythm models you want on the desk, and it also provides guidance for paper and arm position that is critical for fluency and legibility in applied work. The guide not only provides a reminder for the student, it also makes it easy for a teacher to spot those who need to be reminded about holding the paper correctly.

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When current stock is depletd, the desk strips will be discontinued.

desk strips

Package of 32 Strips

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Group A, Tools For Teaching Beginners, Pre K and K
Group B, Tools For Teaching Grade 1
Group C, Tools For Teaching Grade 2 Cursive | Slant Print
Group D, Tools For Teaching Grade 3

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