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  • Would you like to use your iPad or android tablet device to teach a child how to write letters?

    Search for "PetersonHandwriting" in Google Play.
    In the Apple App Store search for "Peterson Handwriting".

    Click here to watch a demonstration video.

    What does The Peterson Handwriting App Offer?

    Model Letter Animations teach a student how to write each letter and numeral in three styles of alphabet; vertical print, slant print and cursive. Prompts we call "Action Words" are shown with each stroke. Teach the child to say the words aloud then point at the animation and write in the air while chanting. When the child is moving smoothly with the voice, it is time to move to writing the strokes while chanting the words. You will be surprised how quickly the learning happens.

    By design, the app does not offer sound to say the action words. The key to success is eliciting the voice. The child who only listens as the words are chanted will not progress as rapidly as the child who masters chanting and moving with the voice. The air-writing exercise stimulates internalization when the voice guides the movements.

    For the preschool child the app also offers a letter recognition exercise. The "chooser page" for each alphabet, lowercase or upper case, offers pictures of each of the letters. They are not arranged in alphabetical order. The young child will enjoy finding the pictures of letters he/she knows and touching to open the animation of the letter. It is an excellent exercise for development of Random Automatic Letter Naming skills. The RAN/Letters test is one of the widely accepted assessments of readiness for reading and kindergarten. Play the game with your little one frequently to improve the rate at which your child can name randomly presented letters.

    The app also provides the user with a direct link to numerous training videos for parents, teachers and students.

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