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A New Concept In Reproducible Products
Print Your Own Practice Pages From E-Books

Those who are familiar with our student text know that it provides models for training but does not provide space for practice. The design makes our text the most affordable available and also non consumable. The concept has always been to have students write on inexpensive practice paper that is easy for children to handle, instead of writing on the pages of a thick workbook that does not lend to good position skills.

Now you can print correlated practice pages directly from your computer. Server versions for schools allow all teachers to print pages for practice as needed using Acrobat Reader and the PDF ebook file. Grade specific reproducible sheets also offer the huge advantage of our exclusive Color/Rhythm presentation of letterforms. We are offering individual license versions for home schools as well as server license versions. There simply is no more convenient or sensible tool available for handwriting instruction.

You can review the entire E-Book on line before you purchase using the links below. Grade level reproducible sets are being added to the web store as they are created and will be made available for review here as soon as possible.


To Review Kindergarten Reproducible Lesson (Print) Pages (65 pages) click here.

To Review Grade One Reproducible Lesson Pages (54 pages) click here.

To Review Grade Two Reproducible Lesson Pages (80 pages) click here.

To Review Grade Three Reproducible Lesson Pages (53 pages) click here.

To Review Advanced Cursive Lesson Pages Grades 4-8 (63 pages) click here.

To Review Word Masters Grade 3 ebook (68 pages) click here.

To Review Advanced Word Masters ebook (74 pages) click here.

Are You Considering Cursive First?

We are proud to introduce a tool for those who want to introduce written language using the cursive alphabet. ABC's and 123's Cursive is a complete curriculum in e-book form. Individual or building server license versions are available through our web store. Open the PDF file with Acrobat Reader from Adobe and print lesson pages for students as needed.

To Review ABC's and 123's Cursive (80 + pages) click here.


Shirley's Books

These self-cover, staple-stitched books provide great practice activities. Each 8.5" X 11" page provides a four-line model poem at the top with sets of lines for student writing at the bottom of the page.

All three print books offer more than 75 pages of practice. The beginning cursive book provides more than 40 pages for practice. Sample pages are shown below.

On the web store front-page select the category for reproducibles to find Shirley's Books. Price $ 8.25 each.

Shirley's Book # 1

This image of the back cover is provided to illustrate the letterforms used for the models. Please do not have children trace models with the pencil. 

Use of these pages for unguided practice should be avoided until letter patterns have been internalized completely.

Trace and copy activity blocks integration of good movement information for the internal model we are working to build.

This image shows a typical practice page. A set of lines is provided at the top for the name. Sets of lines are provided for pupil practice below the model.

If letter patterns have been internalized the child should be able to spell the word aloud, writing each letter as it is named.

The pupil who must think about making the letter cannot think about the word as a pattern of letters. Efforts to build spelling and written vocabulary skills are frustrating for teacher and child until letter patterns are automatic.

There are many seasonal items like this Halloween poem.


Shirley's Book # 2

The back cover again illustrates the letterforms used for the models. 

The only difference between Book 2 and Book 3 is letter style. Book # 3 uses alternative styles for e, w and y. See the back cover below.

Shirley's Book # 3

Lowercase letters e, w and y are alternative shapes to the traditional forms used in book # 2. 

The practice pages are the same as Book # 2.

Shirley's Book # 4

Beginning Cursive Practice

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Reproducible Lesson Sheets

This series of products is designed specifically for use with the We Write To Read series of student books. The pages correlate with the pages of the pupil book and are supplied loose-leaf in an envelope to facilitate copying and storage. Children can handle a single piece of paper much more easily than a thick workbook.

Is one practice page enough? These sets provide practice pages one page at a time, and can be duplicated as often as needed. It just makes much more sense than an expensive activity workbook.

There is a set of Reproducible Work Sheets for each level. Each pack provides more than forty pages. Like the pages of Shirley's books, a model is provided at the top of the page with sets of lines for practice at the bottom. Order through the web store or by phone. On the web store front page you will find a category for reproducible items. Price per set is $ 12.50

Several levels are now available in e-book format. print the pages from your computer using Acrobat Reader.

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Word Masters - Cursive models for high frequency words.

These reproducible pages are very unique and extremely sensible once you understand the concepts behind the design. Please take some time to read the product description and get the sample pages in PDF format. The files can be downloaded using the links below. Why not give Word Masters a try? It could help you to gain a lot of teaching time by improving pupil fluency across your curriculum.

English language specialists did a formal study of word usage back in the 70's. They created a list of the most frequently used words. Further, they prioritized the list according to frequency of use. Their study indicated that the first 100 words on the list...

... made up close to half of the text in everything that was currently in print.

Think about that for a second...

The Word Masters sets, new for 2004/2005, offer cursive models with space for practice of many high frequency words. The grade three set offers over 600 words and the advanced set (grades 4-8) offers almost 1600.

The words are organized with a special focus - writing fluency and joining patterns. They are not presented in order of usage frequency. Rather, the initial pages present only words using letters that are easy to join - the words that are most easily written with fluent movement. Incidentally, the most frequently used English word is not among those shown on the first 20 pages.

Next come the words demanding use of letters that are more difficult to join fluently, followed by those words that are most difficult to write due to the joining movements required.

The goal is simple. You should be able to write each of these words legibly and, do so as you count or spell the word aloud. Count slowly at first and then increase the speed. You will quickly feel that fluency is tied to rhythmic movement - for each letter and for the entire word. Word Masters teaches students a unique method for cursive that will probably surprise you.

It makes sense. Integrate a pattern for fluent, rhythmic production of these high frequency words and it gets much easier for students to write virtually everything. The unique strategies provided are based upon the most recent motor-control research.

The samples provided below will explain the concept of cursive and the recommended strategy for improving fluency for your students. It will probably give you a whole different understanding of how cursive should work for fluent composition. You will find Word Masters in the Reproducible Category on the web store front page.

This Grade Three Sample includes the instruction pages and the first 10 reproducible practice sheets. There are more than fifty pages in the set. Click here to download. (PDF File, 12 pages).

This Advanced Sample includes instruction pages and the first 10 reproducible practice sheets. There are more than sixty pages in the set. Click here to download. (PDF File, 12 pages).

Each version of Word Masters is also available as an e-book. Print the pages from your computer using Acrobat Reader.

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Adult Remediation Kits

Like the reproducible sets above, the pages in these kits provide convenience. Models with practice space can be duplicated as often as you wish, offering an endless supply of practice space. There are two AR kits, Part One and Part Two. If you want to do a quick "pickup" for your cursive writing, part one will probably suffice. If you want to re-learn the cursive concept, including the capital letters, you will probably also like part two. The sets are designed for convenient support of the curriculum provided in the Home School Handwriting Kit for Advanced Cursive. It is a good idea to work through the presentations linked to our Information Directory before you order.

Please remember, if you want to change existing poor patterns, you must do so at both gross-motor and fine-motor levels. It is a good idea to pick up a page sized marker board, chalkboard or perhaps a "magic slate" from a toy store. You can practice writing large letters over and over on the easily renewable surface. We recommend using our Animated Letter Cards for gross motor practice also. The cards make it easy to learn the pattern and the action words, color/rhythm or count for practicing rhythmic movement prior to moving to paper.

You will find AR Part One and Part Two in the category with classroom and home school kits on the web store front page. Price is $ 12.50.

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