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Learn how to improve handwriting skills and discover reasons for many problems.

Each presentation will open in a new window or tab. Please work through all of the presentations. No matter what the age of the student, you will learn where many problems start by studying the preschool readiness presentation. If your student struggles to put thoughts on paper, you can make a difference once you focus upon the process and include movement as an objective.

Learn about preschool language readiness.

Are you thinking about starting with cursive?

Learn to use evidence-based techniques and tools for instruction.

Learn to help your left-handed child with writing readiness.

A comprehensive guide to left-handed processes for handwriting is now available as an E-Book from our web store. Look for, The Left-Handed Writer in the category with Teacher Handbooks.

Video Presentation - Handwriting With The Left

This presentation uses video to illustrate the two best approaches for writing with the left-hand and explains why most lefties do not learn to use either one of them. You will learn a relatively simple adjustment to help those who struggle greatly improve fluency and legibility, and you will learn how to teach the absolute best process. The narrated slide show uses video to explain and illustrate the Overhand Adjustment and the Sidestroke Approach. On broadband the program runs about 16 minutes. Your connection speed will affect video buffering time.

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The Impact of Handwriting Fluency

Handwriting should be a useful tool for learning and communication by the time a student reaches intermediate grades, but a lack of fluency leaves far too many students with a limited writing vocabulary and frustrated by any assignment that involves putting thoughts on paper. This narrated slide show addresses the impact of handwriting fluency on development of all written language skills. You will learn how to measure handwriting fluency and learn how fluency can affect efforts to improve spelling, composition and reading. Discover the concept of "Instant Words" and the impact of pencil grip and paper holding skills.

You will need speakers for the sound and about twenty minutes of viewing time.

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About Holding The Pencil

A tight cramped grip on the pencil can cause more than writer's cramp. It can actually block the learning of skills that allow writing fluency to develop. This video explains the goals, demonstrates a good grip and teaches the pencil song.

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Mr. Pencil's Grip Exercise

Helping a child learn to hold a pencil properly is a challenge indeed, particularly when a poor grip habit already exists. As soon as the finger positions are changed, a lot of new muscles can participate. They don't know how.

Communication needs to be established between the brain and the newly involved muscles. A lack of communication makes the new posture feel uncontrollable. The reaction is usually, "I can't write like this."

This presentation teaches a simple exercise that is designed to elicit development of communications between the brain and the various muscle goups involved in a good pencil grip. A little regular exercise should make the new grip posture feel much better to enhance the success rate. The slide show was recorded as a short visit with Mr. Pencil on the internet so you can use it with the kids if you like it. You can lead a quick exercise session in your classroom easily. Just ask the pupils to show you that they are number one! Run time is about two minutes.

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About Paper Holding (Right-Handed)

Learning to hold the paper in good writing position is critical to fluency and legibility. This video explains the impact and demonstrates an easy to teach techinque for adjusting the paper before writing.

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Learn to use The Peterson Method for instruction in twenty minutes.

This narrated web presentation will automatically open and play in your browser window. You will need speakers or a headset for the sound.

The Peterson Method Strategy Paper
This document provides in-depth information about the Directed Lesson Strategy. Research references support the position that a motor learning challenge offers very powerful potential for improving all written language skills. Click here to download.




Invest 15 minutes in this narrated web presentation to learn why Peterson specialists discourage this very common practice. MovalyzeR software provided by Dr. Hans-Leo Teulings at Neuroscript Software was used to collect and chart movements using a digital tablet. Fluent writing, pencil tracing and finger tracing are compared. The charts will show you why pencil tracing is likely a major deterrent to developing handwriting fluency - and perhaps reading fluency as well.

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Addressing the most common question submitted by parents ...

What level should I use to begin your program?
Click here for help.

Fluency Study - The Writing/Reading Connection, Robert Rose, MD (Retired).
Click Here to download the study (K and Grade One). (PDF File, 52 KB)

Objective data demonstrates a link between handwriting fluency and reading skills.

Interested in conducting real handwriting-movement research?

Neuroscript Software has exactly what you need.

Download Movalyzer and try it free for thirty days.

This sophisticated software works wonders. Leading motor scientists all around the world are using Movalyzer to collect and chart movement data automatically. A 12-minute presentation compares movement data collected by Movalyzer when tracing a model word with the pen, writing the word with the pen and finger-tracing the model word. It is a very simple example of Movalyzer capabilities when recording pen movements on a digital tablet. The charts were created automatically by the software. The Tracing Presentation is a narrated slide show. Speakers are needed for the sound.


Are You Trying To Choose A Handwriting Program?

Click here to download, On Choosing A Program - a three page discussion with illustrations. (PDF file, 84KB).
Look at a comparison of models from various publishers from a unique perspective. Learn to look beyond the shape of letters to discover the   process that you must teach and children must learn when using the program. Learn how to look for qualities of legibility as related to various models from different publishers. Learn why the teaching and learning strategy that includes fluent movement results in our use of models that exaggerate the process for children.

The Fluency Project - Learn about the project and improve cursive fluency- grades 4 and above.
Download the free materials and guide a twelve week exercise process, 5 - 10 minutes a day.
An easy process for tracking fluency is included.

"John and Jane are bright. Why can't they Write?"
Understand the reason why intermediate students ask to print.

The motor research is clear. Cursive should be a far better tool for fluent legibility. We now know much more about the processing needed to compose written language. The motor system (internal model) plays a key role in fluent composition. This paper demonstrates the reason so many students are not comfortable using cursive - and offers a simple solution.
Click here to read the paper!

Visit our Resource Library to download information in PDF format.

Learn about EBLI
Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction
Learn to see results.

At home or in the classroom, EBLI strategies get results when applied to your program. Visit the web site to learn how to get help with reading skills instruction.

Try this revolutionary teaching tool: Animated Letter Cards.

Use your computer to teach a child how create letters.

Try it with these samples here on the web

Our CD Rom contains vertical print, slant print and cursive alphabets with numerals and more.

Learn about phonics instruction from Don Potter
Free references and lessons - great information.

On-line phonics lessons from Elizabeth Brown
A free series of lessons is available. Download the Quick Time movies.


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What expectations do you have for your students?

Take a look at some excellent handwriting samples from students in grades 3-8.

View the samples. Print them for coaching in your class.

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