right to left d

This animation shows common reversals.

They reverse the process not the product.

The letter is constructed right to left. We read left to right.

This child will often confuse d and b for a long time because the movement information stored in the production patterns is very similar for both letters. Either process is a reversal - the letter is built right-to-left. There is another consideration. These reversed patterns will not correlate with fluent cursive process. The correct print pattern would contain differnt physical information than the pattern for letter b and speed decoding. It would also make cursive movement patterns easy for the child to understand.

Studies indicate that adult reading speed is slowed by reversed patterns even though the letter confusion has long been eliminated. I have been testing the adults in meetings for many years. It is a way to have them discover the concept. The sequence test consistently shows that about half of the people in the room use one of these reversed processes.

If you want to do a little sequence testing yourself, visit the link below to print a useful form.