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Last Update, April 2010

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We can now offer teachers, future teachers and parents convenient and inexpensive access to training on the latest research and techniques for handwriting instruction.  We offer you an on-line training interface that will guide an independent learning process through a series of presentations. You will get background information and learn methods and techniques for coaching. The interface also provides links to download unique tools for evaluation and assessment that are simple to employ. The training interface is available free on request, to teachers and parents who purchase our materials. You need only register for our support email service.

Our Distance Learning solution is designed to simplify learning and to support your effort when questions arise. Any customer interested in learning how to use movement-based techniques to improve symbolic language fluency can gain access to the interface by sending an email request to Rand Nelson. Please visit our Contact Us page to register for our email support mailings and to send your request.

We offer live support via web conferencing. You may purchase live, on-line training for yourself or a group. Live training is priced by the session or subscription. The session charge is $35.00 and can last up to 90 minutes. A session may be attended by as many as 30 people at a time. The design and intent is to provide direct access to a specialist who can address specific questions or group concerns in a collaborative effort. However, you need not purchase a full session to simply ask a question. We offer free Q & A in our web meeting room.

We will be glad to meet with you alone or with your group for a short discussion without charge. If your question presents the need for in depth discussion, our specialist will suggest that you purchase a training session. We also offer a tutor training package ($75.00) that includes unlimited on-line sessions for a year. And, a school can purchase a subscription ($175.00) that includes unlimited sessions for all teachers and student teachers for a year.

White boards and application sharing allow illustration and demonstration. The best way to learn what is possible is to try it out. Request a free trial today. Perhaps you would like to see a demonstration of our new software that allows handwriting practice on a Wacom tablet and PC Computer.

Phone Rand Nelson at 724.837.4900 or Email:

What equipment is needed?

Access to the internet with web browser software and an email account are necessary. You must also have Acrobat Reader, a free application from Adobe. Learning materials are provided on line or via email as PDF documents for Acrobat Reader. Reader version 7 or higher is recommended.

The specialist will use VoIP to answer questions and narrate demonstrations so speakers or a headset will be needed. Attendees who have a headset can use VoIP to converse live. Keyboard chat is available for those who have speakers but no microphone.

What is the objective?

We want to do all we can to help you achieve success for your students. We know this method will get results because we have collected and reviewed millions of student handwriting samples over ten decades. Whether you are a grade level chair in a school or lead a home school group, the goal is to allow everyone access to a specialist who can provide support and suggestions that can get everyone moving toward improved fluency.

You may purchase a training session or subscription through our web store or by phone. Credit cards accepted are Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We also accept school purchase orders.

To purchase a training session through our web store:  Click Here

Free Live Teacher Training Webinars

We are planning a series of webinar training events on specific topics that will be offered periodically at no charge. The webinars will be announced via email to those who have registered to receive our support email messages. If you would like to know when a webinar will be offered, please visit our Contact Us page to register for our mailings.

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