Peterson Distance Learning Seminars

Current Offerings

A. The impact of physical training on development of fluent language skills.
This presentation explains the surprising results of current motor-control research and provides some great suggestions for implementing new techniques in your classroom.
B. Using the Peterson Directed Handwriting Web Site
This presentation can demonstrate free, easy to use support for handwriting instruction, materials requisitions and even parent conferences.
C. Understanding the left-handed handwriting processes.
This presentation will demonstrate the difference between left and right handed movement processes for handwriting. You will leave with a good understanding of how to help your left-handed pupils. (30 minutes, All Levels, by grade.)
D. Why do so many intermediate students reject cursive as a tool for learning?
Digital research has provided us with an explanation for this phenomenon and the resulting issues for fluency and legibility. The presentation explains findings, details reasons why cursive should be a better tool, and provides an easy to implement means for achieving cursive skill development through correlation of a simple technique into daily work. Find out why the boring practice time you usually skip over, rarely produced results in applied work.
(60 minutes, cursive levels.)
E. Handwriting objectives from an integrated perspective.
Handwriting lessons are easy to forget when you are focused on the objectives of the whole curriculum and worried about the amount of time you need to reach those objectives. This presentation addresses correlation of handwriting objectives in an integrated language curriculum.
Integrated Handwriting Objectives:
(1) Develop pupil critical thinking skills. (2) Teach students how to set goals for self-improvement and work toward those goals in correlated application. (3) Improve student confidence by learning to recognize progress toward self-improvement goals.

An integrated approach can be easy to implement. It will require an occasional ten minutes of teaching time. The management strategy is so simple you will wonder why you haven't thought of it. Integrate handwriting into learning activities and gain teaching time by improving pupil application skills.

F. Easy to read and easy to write. A gift of fluency comes from the whole team.
Handwriting skill development is a little like manufacturing automobiles. When everyone along the assembly line does a good job the results wind up gleaming in showrooms for all to see. When an organized effort is really implemented for handwriting, the results are also excellent.

This presentation is a developmental overview aimed at awareness of long term objectives. The goal is practical legibility in fluent application. Objectives which address the individual developmental pace can be woven into your curriculum. Each teacher plays a role in the continuing development of individual skill for the use of handwriting as a tool. Learn how to prioritize your coaching effort and to focus pupils on understandable, attainable goals.

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