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Click on a posted event to open for details. If there is no open event scheduled and you need assistance, call 724-837-4900. It only takes a minute or two to open the meeting room. We will be happy to open the room if we are not conducting a private trainng session. To visit the meeting scroll down to find the green "Meet Live" button in the frame to right. All you need is your web browser.




Powerful Reasons For Movement-Based Handwriting Process Instruction
Modern motor-control research has consistently demonstrated that good handwriting patterns could maximize learning by providing dynamic, process information to support fluency in both reading and composition. The use of symbols as a tool for learning is greatly enhanced when the user has integrated motor patterns for the symbols. Without instruction, a child must invent his or her own production process. If you can give 10 minutes of direction to your class each day, we can help your pupils maximize reading, handwriting and composition skills. The Peterson Method makes it easy!

Request Samples:
If your school is looking for a developmentally organized program that makes sense in terms of pedagogy and budget, email us to request sample packs for the grade levels you would like to consider. Our samples packs contain a teacher handbook, a student text, position guide samples and a sample of pencil or pen as recommended for the level. These items are provided in a simple zip-lock bag that makes it easy to circulate.

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