Mission Statement

Updated May 2011

Handwriting should be a useful learning tool for children and adults alike, but a lack of fluency creates a roadblock to both learning and efficient use of teaching and learning time. Pupils are expected to work with handwriting, but instruction of handwriting skills has been virtually eliminated from the curriculum in many schools. Further, in schools where an organized handwriting program is included, fluency is not a stated objective. Few programs mention fluency or provide for measuring and tracking it. Wtih your help we can change that situation.

The Physical Language Network is an organization seeking members to grow its strength. Our mission is to spread awareness that handwriting fluency should be an important part of language instruction and to promote the use of easy techniques for measuring and tracking as evidence of learning. We want to work together to share, test and document techniques for correlated instruction that make it easy for you to include fluent, legible handwriting in your language arts effort whether you are teaching in a classroom or in your home.

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The Impact of Handwriting Fluency

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There is new information on motor learning for handwriting that every elementary teacher, school administrator and parent should know. We are committed to helping those who recognize that handwriting skills are holding students back and anxious to share the information with you. For that reason we maintain a web meeting room through Adobe Connect that supports live cooperation via the internet. The Connect Meeting interface allows collaboration with voice over the internet, video, white boards for illustration, application sharing, keyboard chat and much more. A computer headset works best, but speakers and keyboard chat also work well. You do not need to download special software to join this meeting.

The meeting room is often open to visitors during most of each weekday. You will find a Meet-Live link on our welcome page. Whether you have a quick question or a big problem, we are ready to help. Cooperation offers great potential to find better ways to improve student skills. We want to develop an ongoing relationship. Join the network and enjoy free support. Network meetings will be held perioically and announced to members via email. Please add the email address below to your contact list.

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Simply enter as a guest and type a greeting in the chat pod. Each meeting is open to as many as 90 individual guests.

You can request a private meeting be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you or your group. Telephone or send an email request to Rand Nelson using the mail-to link below. A meeting can be arranged in a few minutes or scheduled in advance. You will receive an email invitation with the meeting-room link to let you join the closed meeting.

Mail to, Rand Nelson: mrpencil@peterson-handwriting.com

Phone: 724.837.4900

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