Basic Materials for Pre-school and Kindergarten

Physical Reading Readiness For Pre-School and Kindergarten

Non-consumable movement models 
for vertical manuscript letter patterns.

ABC's and 123's, Order #102004
ISBN 1-890666-00-9
2nd edition © 2004
Price Is Discounted On Class Quantities.

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ABC's and 123's With Position Guide

Letter pages provide 
gross-motor "Fingertrace" models 
with Action Words

Fingertrace to teach correct letter production. Chant Action words as you you move to teach rhythmic movement.

Picutres elicit letter sounds, capital letter use and ASL sign.

Yes there are numeral pages too!

ABC's and 123's Big Book, Order # K197, $43.75 
ISBN 1-890666-06-8

Page size, 17" x 23"

Giant illustrations correlate with ABC's and 123's and also grade one pupil books.

We Write To Read Teacher Handbook
for Early Childhood and Kindergarten
New Edition, © 2004
ISBN 1-890666-37-8 

72 Pages
New lesson plans guide physical learning activities for development of position skills, directionality concepts, workspace focus and rhythmic movement.
Reproducibles are provided in the manual.
Free on request with 20 ABC's and 123's pupil books.
Free on request with ABC's and 123's BIG Book.

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