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Get the best results by working with your child following the steps below.

Watch The Demonstration Video

Step 1:

Teach the pupil to say the action words as they appear on the screen with the animation.

Step 2:

Teach the child how to write in the air with the animated strokes while chanting the words. The child need not touch the screen. Use the pointer finger as a magic pencil. It may help to zoom in to make the image larger.

Step 3:

When the child can say the action words and move with the image, it is time to write the letter. Switch to a chalkboard, sand tray or one of the many apps that offer a writing page on screen. Teach the child to make large letters when finger-writing. The goal is to move with the voice to elicit rhythmic movement.

Slow or fast, the vocal guidance of movement allows rhythm into the pattern. Later on, the brain will be able to scale the movement sequences to various speeds for application. If the voice won't work, ask the pupil try with eyes closed. Then try again to get the voice with eyes open. Use a command sequence to focus on the vocal: "On your mark, Get set, Say it."

Incidentally, a "magic slate" works well for letter practice. You could also use a cookie sheet sprinkled with salt or smeared with shaving cream. Entry level child or advanced age, the best approach is to master the movements at a large size first. The gross motor system will help to feed the stored dynamics to the fine level for fluency at a practical size.

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